What We Do

Twice Baked Biscotti Kitchen aims to create the best biscotti product available in the Asheville area, to be offered at coffee shops and small eateries. For the size of Asheville’s tourist population and the number of coffee shops per capita, there is a dearth of bakeries offering quality biscotti. Our goal is to bring an edible delight to the coffee and tea drinkers of the area. While there are other bakeries in the area, and indeed, other bakeries making biscotti, there are none who have perfected the biscotti and drilled down to find the qualities that make a great biscotti. Isabella and Genevieve not only bring experience in baking to this business, they also bring a desire to run an ethical, compassionate, and efficient company.

Order with us!

We specialize in wholesale and special orders. We are happy to work up a special flavor or customized packaging for you and your special event. Contact us with any questions.